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  • 5 Uses for our Sheep Skin Rugs

    We are so delighted to add sheep skin rugs to our range of products.  The rugs are so warm and cosy and will really elevate any room that they are displayed
  • Is Your Pillowcase Absorbing Your Night Time Skin Care?

    One of our favourite things to do in the evening is to take care of our skin, especially the face.  After wearing a full face of make up all day long, 
  • Autumn inspired Recipe - Apple Pie

    Mary Berry: Double-Crust Apple Pie Recipe Homely and traditional, apple pie is the perfect dessert for a special meal. It never fails to please and...
  • Welcome & Embrace The New Season

    It is the first of September, the month of change and transition.  Not quite officially Autumn, however, for the Peony & Mulberry team, it real...
  • Sleep Well, Live Well

    It’s crazy to think that on average we spend a third of our lives sleeping.

  • 10 Tips to achieve a healthy sleep

    World sleep day is an annual event intended to be a celebration of sleep..
  • The Best Way To Take Care Of Silk

    Taking care of your beautiful silk items.  A how to wash silk guide.
  • 5 Benefits Of Sleeping On Our Silk Pillowcases

    Silk pillowcases are now a part of thousands of women and mens beauty routine.

  • What is Momme? A Detailed Guide To SILK

    Peony & Mulberry pillowcases are made from 100% pure Mulberry 6A Grade 22 Momme silk.