5 Benefits Of Sleeping On Our Silk Pillowcases

Do you know about all the benefits of sleeping on silk?

Silk pillowcases are now a part of thousands of women and mens bedding.

peony and mulberry silk is good for hair


As we all may know, sleep is a very important part of our lives.  According to scientists we need around 8 hours of good sleep, to let our bodies recover and wake up feeling refreshed.  Some studies have also suggested the average person will spend around 26 years of their lives sleeping and even more just spending time in bed.

The benefits of using a Peony & Mulberry pillowcase when sleeping

1.  Thermo - Regulating - Not only is this for the temperature in the room but also the temperature of your pillows.  We know about those long summer nights when we keep turning the pillow over to get the "cooler" side... well, thats not needed with sleep, as silk is naturally thermo-regulating. This means that it will keep cool in summer and warm in winter.

2.  Avoid Wrinkles - Our silk pillowcases have a smooth finish and so are less abrasive on your skin and this is what should help keep those wrinkles at bay.

3.  Hypoallergenic - Silk is a naturally hypoallergenic material.  Silk is not a absorbing material, so dust mites wont be able to settle on your pillowcases.

4.  Benefit from your night time skincare routine - Many of us spend a little time at night, removing our make up and cleansing our skin.  We will then go to bed after having applied our night cream.  To gain the full benefits of this, our silk pillowcase would be great as again it is less absorbing than cotton and so the cream will absorb direct into your skin rather than into your pillowcase.

5.  Blocks that bed head look - As your hair will glide over our silk pillowcases and so cause less friction, you will wake up having avoided that frizzy hair look and less tangled.  It has also been known to prolong your blowouts!


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