About Us

A note from us

We are Peony & Mulberry and we bring affordable, self-indulgent and sensual solutions to all, that’s including you. We see you.

As a brand we wish to inspire our community to invest in themselves, seeking fresh and luxurious alternatives to everyday living. We wish for our customers to wake up appreciating what they have whilst curious about the benefits delicate changes can bring, perhaps a better night’s sleep, a clearer complexion, a less fuzzy head of hair in the morning (all things our silk pillowcases are successful in!)

At Peony and Mulberry, our aim as a brand is to include you, support you and empower you, helping you to lift filters and more make space for relaxation and luxury. Here is where life gets even better.


Peony & Mulberry


Our Story

The purest form of love guided our discovery of silk pillowcases.

Waking up from her new silk pillowcase, Ayesha’s mother felt perfectly well-rested. The delicate sensation of silk on her face was a welcome change to her night’s sleep. She was delighted, and so was our Founder Ayesha. It was the week previous where Ayesha had first discovered silk pillow cases, tentatively selecting one as a gift for her mother, and for the rest of the family shortly after. It was here where Ayesha initially discovered the incredible benefits silk products can bring to our skin, hair, and sleep.

So, she formed a mission of her own: To bring beautifully beneficial and timeless products to those searching for a way of making their life even better.


Our Impact

We are greatly motivated as a company to ensure our impact on the world is reduced as much as we can. That’s why our Peony & Mulberry products come in recyclable packaging, we are aiming to reduce as much plastic as we can. Bringing natural, sustainable and ethical solutions to our customers drives many of our decisions and we are always open to new suggestions. Thank you for playing a part of this mission also.

Peony & Mulberry



A Little Extra

There are always new and exciting things underway in the office. A few ideas we’ve recently introduced include bamboo and linen products, as well as cashmere socks and Australian sheepskin slippers. We’re very excited to expand our range, never forgetting our roots in gorgeous silk pillow cases.