Welcome & Embrace The New Season

It is the first of September, the month of change and transition.  Not quite officially Autumn, however, for the Peony & Mulberry team, it really is the beginning of Autumn!  From that you will have realised over in this camp we are true lovers of this season and all the glory it brings.

The air has turned crisp and soon the leaves will wave goodbye as they fall from the trees and the change in the smells and colours, from those brightly coloured flowers and dark greens of summer to the golden and red tones of Autumn.

Its time to bring out hose cosy blankets, light up those candles and enjoy the cosy nights as the days begin to get shorter and the nights longer.

Also a perfect time to start the wardrobe shuffle.  The summer dresses will be pushed back and those warm, soft and snuggly jumpers brought forward.

We look forward to the conkers falling from the chestnut trees, the pumpkin patches, Halloween which will lead up to amazing firework and bonfire displays.

To begin this new season of change, start with a little pampering of yourself at home.  We have put together a lovely cosy Autumn evening routine which should help you embrace Autumn.

1. Light a candle - Lighting a candle will instantly make you feel more relaxed.

2.  Run a bath - what's more relaxing than running yourself a nice warm bath with your favourite bubbles and give yourself a little more me time by grabbing a good book.

3.  After your bath, reach for a Autumnal scented moisturiser and give your skin a little extra hydration that it may need.

4.  Take out your Peony & Mulberry silk pillowcases and fall on to your pillow for that perfect nights sleep.

Let us know if you would add anything else into this simple evening routine..

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