Is Your Pillowcase Absorbing Your Night Time Skin Care?

One of our favourite things to do in the evening is to take care of our skin, especially the face.  After wearing a full face of make up all day long, we really must, cleanse, tone and moisturise our face before we hit the pillow.

Many of us really take our time to make sure we invest in fantastic and luxurious facial care products and can even feel the benefits of these working immediately.  However, did you know that as we sleep, depending on the fabric of your pillowcase, a lot of the products are absorbed by your pillowcase rather than your skin!

With a good quality silk pillowcase this can be avoided.  As well as many other benefits, one of the main features of silk is that it is doesn't absorb moisture from your face as cotton does.  Your skin will stay hydrated and due to the silk pillowcase being smooth your skin wont crease or wrinkle.

Explore our range of pure mulberry silk pillowcases and to perfect your night time skin routine...


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