5 Uses for our Sheep Skin Rugs

We are so delighted to add sheep skin rugs to our range of products.  The rugs are so warm and cosy and will really elevate any room that they are displayed in.

However, I have realised that other than using the sheep skin rugs as rugs! obviously! they can be utilised and displayed in other ways too.

1.  Drape your sheep skin rug over a armchair or the couch

 Sheep skin rug on armchair peonyandmulberry

2.  Use it as a bath mat

 sheepskin rug on bathroom floor peonyandmulberry

3.  Add a pop of colour and texture by placing it over a footstool

 sheepskin rug on footstool peonyandmulberry

4.  Place it on your bed like a throw

 sheepskin rug on bed peonyandmulberry


5.  Place it on your Christmas table as a decoration piece to look like snow or use it as a skirt for your Christmas tree!

 sheepskin rug christmas tree skirt peonyandmulberry

I hope you find the above ideas useful, browse our range of Sheep skin rugs HERE...


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