The Benefits Of Peony & Mulberry Silk

At Peony & Mulberry, we use the highest grade 6A 22 Momme Pure Mulberry Silk.  We also only use our silk fabric suppliers that are OEKO-TEX Standard certified.  This means that the dyes used are all Non-Toxic.


The very notion of silk produces a luxurious and comfortable image in most people’s minds. This is because of the fibers amazing properties.

Silk for a good nights sleep

We spend a third of our lives sleeping and our face resting on a pillowcase. Silk has been proven to have anti ageing effects and is recommended by experts

anti ageing silk

Compared to other fabrics Silk is known to decrease friction by more than 40%.. so you no more skin lines and creases when you wake up

Naturally hypoallergenic silk

silk is a natural fungal repellent and it does not attract dust mites.

hydrating silk

Silk is less absorbent and so does not soak up your skins natural oils, and it wont absorb your beauty products so you can benefit much better from your nightly moisturising routine