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About Us


I’m Ayesha the founder of the brand, Peony & Mulberry.

It has been a very exciting journey for me from the initial idea and research to the launch of the brand.
Peony & Mulberry


--- The beginning…

When two sisters were looking for a unique and luxurious gift for their mother, they came across a silk pillowcase.  They realised that not only was the silk pillowcase a lovely gift it also had many benefits for the skin, hair and sleep.  After sleeping on the silk pillowcase, their mum shared her delight and experience of having a perfect nights sleep with her daughters the very next morning and a few more purchases of silk pillowcases were made for the whole family.

My own experience of the benefits of silk lead me onto my first ever business journey.

---The business plan…

This is the stage when research started into the natural, organic, beautiful, gorgeous and sustainable material... SILK.

The journey started here and after some extensive research, product sourcing and designing.   I was able to put together a selection of some beautiful silk products. 


I am very proud to say that the whole brand was carefully designed by me with a little help from my sister and mother.  From deciding on the name of the brand, the colour scheme, logo design, website design, social media marketing to the products.


Peony & Mulberry

--- The initial goal…

The goal was to have a brand that supplies pure mulberry silk products of the highest grade and quality, which we think is suitable for our products. In addition to this, to use recyclable packaging and try to avoid plastic wherever possible.

Our first ranges of products were, silk pillowcases, silk hair ties and scrunchies and silk face masks.  It was important for us to include a good shopping experience for our customers, therefore, we decided that all our orders would go beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and a gift box.

--- Current goal & Product range expansion…

We wanted to grow our range into various different products, however, it was important to keep to natural materials, which is now a part of our brand ethos.  We now stock Cashmere socks, Australian sheepskin slippers and are so excited to now include Bamboo and Linen materials too.



Peony & Mulberry … My brand created with love & support from my dear family!

The founder